The Yun Way

originally published on the official arduino blog

This summer I had a speaker engagement at the Codemotion conference in Berlin which I really enjoyed for many reasons. For starters Jule & me participated in an inspiring wearable computing workshop where we met Zoe Romano for the first time. The next day I talked about a possible and easy way how to build the internet of things.

Presenting thoughts on & actions how to build the IOT.

After the talk it seemed to appear like a a good idea to Zoe that I should get a sneak peek at some new Arduino hardware. There weren’t any more details since it was still secret back then. Of course it didn’t took me much time for consideration since I really love Arduino for making our hardware prototyping so much easier. I happily agreed on checking out this new mysterious device.

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Lean Lego and Hacked Tables

We are in the middle of an energetic scene: groups of two are presenting each other prototyped solutions for problems you can have when planning a vacation. Concentrated listening, questions and answers. Feedback loop in full effect. But how could it come to this?

sketching the prototype

  • The power of the back of the napkin (Photo by @cuxdu)

Like many good stories it all begins with a cliché

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